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Redwood is powered by LoadRunner®, our proprietary cutting-edge transportation management system (TMS). Our business intelligence and analytics teams work with in-house developers to provide you with some of the most powerful technology in the industry.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our business intelligence team can work with you to analyze the data captured by LoadRunner® to create better transportation processes for your company.

Accurate Quotes

We use predictive analytics and pricing algorithms combined with historical market cost data to provide you with the most accurate freight and truck quotes possible.

Completely Custom

LoadRunner® can be customized to work with any software you use. Having an in-house development team means you can enjoy custom features and integrations.

Digital Matching

The days of waiting by the phone for a carrier to accept a load are over. Using digital freight matching in LoadRunner®, we can instantly offer loads to the perfect carrier for your shipment.

Qualified Carriers

We maintain a Carrier Scorecard in LoadRunner® and use our matching system to make sure we put the most compatible carriers on your freight. You never have to worry about carrier management – we’ve got you covered on every load.

Hidden Capacity

LoadRunner® captures private fleet lane data so that you can instantly unlock hidden backhaul capacity to lower your freight spend while maintaining reliable, consistent service.

The Evolution of Loadrunner®

2009: A Concept is Born

“LoadRunner® was born to help Strive Logistics become a stronger partner to the carriers and customers we work with. We needed a dynamic TMS that could leverage data and employ analytics to help us become an elite third party logistics provider in North America.”
– Ben Greene, Founder

2010-2012: From Idea to Reality

“In 2010, Strive started brainstorming to lay out everything we thought LoadRunner® could be. Every click, every alert, every feature—the entire blueprint. With a solid plan in hand, we brought our software development team on board to build it out. We spent the next two years testing and retesting to make sure we got everything right.”
– Michael Johnson, Vice President of Strategy

2012: Launch!

“LoadRunner® uses machine learning and steering algorithms to select the best carrier for every shipment. These tools give us a competitive advantage in the market.”
– Michael Reding, Carrier Procurement Manager
“LoadRunner® is a game changer. We’re nimble and can handle anything. We have yet to come across a customer or carrier who needed something that we can’t provide.”
– Chris Babb, Application Development Manager

Now: Constant Innovation

“We always have new features in the works thanks to ideas from our employees, customers, and carrier partners. They have a real ownership over the software. The technology is constantly evolving to address changes in the market—that’s what makes us succeed.”
– Ben Greene, Founder