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Why Redwood

High Levels of Service

We are able to provide the best of both worlds by matching your high volume freight with consistent backhaul capacity. By avoiding frustrating transactional loads, we only offer lanes that are a great fit for both the shipper and the carrier.

Lower Your Frieght Spend

Carriers are always looking to eliminate empty miles and fill backhaul capacity. Shippers are always looking for reliable capacity for the best price. That’s where we come in. We use our exclusive carrier relationships to make sure everybody wins.

Freight Without Fail

Demonstrated operational excellence, ability to adapt to customer needs, and attention to detail are all part of what makes Redwood different. Although problems are rare, we proactively notify you and then utilize all of our resources to resolve them.

Consistent & Predictable

When we match your freight with a private fleet carrier, you can expect reliable, consistent service. We vet each partnership and oversee every load to make sure things are running smoothly.

Better with LoadRunner®

Our proprietary TMS allows us to match your freight with available equipment in real time. With over ten thousand private fleet lanes in LoadRunner®, we can tell you instantly which private fleet carriers are the right fit for your network.

Good for the Environment

Eliminating empty miles means reducing your carbon footprint. As a SmartWay Technology Partner, we are always looking for ways to save fuel and lower emissions.