it's about Freight Management


Transparency is important in all aspects of freight management. From pricing to carrier selection and everywhere in between, you’ll always have complete visibility into how your freight is managed. We’ll show you exactly how we are saving you money.

Centralized Data

Our freight management dashboard provides access to all of your freight data giving you “control tower” visibility to all important metrics and actionable Business Intelligence. At the same time, our proprietary technology will also provide custom reporting and invoice processing, RFP analysis, carrier management and score carding.

Dedicated Experts

What’s better than partnering with Redwood? Having your very own Redwood Logistics expert in your office. Whether you decide you want a dedicated on-site representative or have us manage your freight remotely, you’ll receive expert service tailored to your unique needs.


Track & Trace

By partnering with Redwood, you can have complete visibility into each and every one of your loads. With our Track & Trace service, you’ll see each truck en route to its destination. If a potential issue arises, you’ll be alerted in real time
—not after the fact.

Smart Routing

We import your existing routing guide into LoadRunner® so you can keep your current carriers while taking advantage of LoadRunner®’s Smart Routing technology. Carriers can be chosen based on market conditions, carrier scorecard rating, and predictive analytics so we can quickly find the best carrier for that particular load.

RFP Management

Issuing RFPs to secure rates from carriers is a labor-intensive process, but we can make it easy. Redwood can help you create the bid, select participating carriers, and create bid documentation. After the RFP, Redwood will execute the bid requests, respond to questions from the carriers, and select carrier rates by lane.

Load Optimization

Optimizing your shipping patterns can significantly lower your freight spend. Using data and smart algorithms, we actively look for opportunities to consolidate your freight, take advantage of backhauls, utilize drop-trailers, create continuous move shipments, and more.

Freight Payment & Auditing

Redwood will centralize your freight payment tasks by receiving, processing, and paying all of your invoices. Accounts payable can be time-consuming since different carriers may have different requirements. We streamline the process to save you
time and money.
Industries Served Include
  • Invoice Receipts
  • Invoice Validation
  • Data Capture
  • Rate & Service Audit
  • Cost Accounting
  • Exception Management
  • Payment
  • Business Intelligence & Reports