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Strive Logistics combines cutting-edge technology, top-notch customer service, and more than 20 years of expertise to drive innovation in the logistics industry. Since 1995, shippers across North America have relied on our efficient, effective, and easy-to-use solutions to deliver their business.
Industry Expertise

Strive started out handling a single account and has grown into a leading 3PL offering a wide range of transportation services. With 20 years of experience running our own fleet, we have the knowledge and experience of an asset-based provider with the flexibility of a 3PL.

People are the heart of our business. It sounds cheesy, but for us it’s really true. We build strong relationships by being accountable, easy to work with, and transparent. We take pride in becoming long-term partners with our customers and carriers.

At Strive, innovation is more than just a marketing buzzword. The desire to improve and do things differently is the driving force behind our business. Here's just a few examples:


Our proprietary TMS, LoadRunner®, is backed by data-based analytics and sophisticated algorithms rather than guesswork. Thanks to our team of in-house developers, LoadRunner® is ever-evolving to stay one step ahead of the needs of our customers and carriers.

Private Fleets

Through our partnerships with private fleets, we can instantly unlock hidden backhaul capacity to lower your freight spend while maintaining reliable, consistent service.

Freight Management

Our Freight Management team thinks outside the box to find creative solutions to optimize your supply chain. We use our extensive logistics expertise to craft custom solutions to fit the unique needs of your business.

Our Story


Where We Started

Founded in 1995, Strive Logistics was originally called World Xpress Transport. We operated as the transportation arm of The Strive Group, a packaging and merchandising supply chain company based in Chicago. For almost a decade, our regional asset-based fleet handled inbound loads from a warehouse on the Canadian National railway line to our fulfillment facility on the other side of town.

As The Strive Group grew, they needed a more comprehensive supply chain partner—and we delivered. In 2003, World Xpress Transport became Strive Logistics—a company capable of offering current and future customers a full third-party logistics service offering on a much larger, national scale. We are able to leverage our unique experience as both a shipper and as an asset-based fleet to be a knowledgeable and experienced 3PL partner.

Where We Are Now

Staying true to our spirit of innovation and belief in never settling for the status quo, Strive launched LoadRunner® in 2012, a proprietary transportation management system designed to fill the gaps left by out-of-the-box TMS solutions. LoadRunner® is a game changer. It allows Strive customers to streamline their transportation processes and lower their freight spend through creative solutions and tools including data-backed pricing algorithms, instant lane matching, and more.

Where We Are Going

Today, Strive Logistics is the 3PL provider of choice to thousands of customers across North America, from Fortune 500 manufacturers to start-ups beginning to bring their ideas to life. Our goal is to provide our customers with unique solutions and world-class customer service while maintaining transparency and helping them lower their freight spend. Simultaneously, we will help our carrier partners identify optimal lanes for their fleet and achieve better overall equipment utilization in a constantly evolving industry landscape.

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