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Strive Logistics Shipper Customers

We Keep Our Cool

From deep-freeze to keep-from-freezing, we do it all. Whether you are transporting ice cream at sub-zero or shipping sensitive pharmaceuticals requiring a steady temperature, our expert Temp Control team understands the technical requirements of transporting temperature-sensitive freight.

Real-Time Door-to-Door Tracking

As a leader in cold chain logistics, we have developed a tracking process that integrates with our proprietary TMS, LoadRunner®, to ensure that you can track your freight from the moment it leaves your facility until it arrives at its destination. We work with the best carriers, running the highest quality equipment, who can offer GPS tracking and temperature readings.

Industry Experts

Shipping temperature controlled freight requires attention to detail. Keeping products in the sweet spot between not too hot and not too cold is extremely important. We only work with the best carriers to keep your shipments safe. Our Temp Controlled shipping experts understand the market fluctuations and specialty equipment required for refrigerated freight.


From fresh apples to frozen apple strudel to apple juice, we know the food, produce and beverage industries. That’s just the beginning of our expertise. No matter the freight or the temperature required, we’re temperature control experts.
Industries Served Include
  • • Fresh Produce, Meats, & Dairy
  • • Chocolate, Candy, & Confections
  • • Frozen Foods
  • • Pharmaceuticals
  • • Plants & Floral
  • • Beverages
  • • Automotive Parts